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  • A manufacturer not seeking complete certification may instead wish to test a single product one time to see if it meets the GREENGUARD standard for chemical emissions or microbial resistance. This test may be performed on a product to see if it can meet the standard or to obtain a test report for a specific construction or purchase specification. In this case, the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) and its scientific partners will test a defined product with the appropriate GREENGUARD test method, review test results to the applicable standard and issue a report to the manufacturer. This test report is applicable only to the specific product tested, with its defined construction materials and finishes.  No inference can be made that other products of similar construction also meet this standard. The single product tested may be “Listed” for one year on the GEI web site, indicating that it has been tested and found to meet the standard. Listed products cannot carry the GREENGUARD certification mark.   


    Chemical Emissions Listings 

    Microbial Resistance Listings