• Advisory Board

  • The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute's (GEI) Advisory Board is an independent group of experts with a common interest in indoor air quality and public health. Members are volunteers, who are not compensated for their participation. The GEI Advisory Board members represent the diverse stakeholders that plan, design, construct and occupy buildings, and that address the environmental and health impact of those buildings.

    GEI Advisory Board Members

    • Marilyn Black, PhD, Air Quality Sciences, Inc.
    • Penny Bonda, Environmental Communications
    • Laura Case, Emory University
    • Dagmar Epsten, The Epsten Group
    • Debra Harris, PhD, idr studio, inc.
    • Bob Kobet, Sustainaissance International
    • Michaella Wittmann, HDR

    Ex Officio Advisory Board Members

    • Paul Murray, Herman Miller, Inc.
    • Lou Newett, Knoll, Inc.
    • Mike Lynam, Knauf Insulation