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How to Help Protect Your Indoor Environment from Mold

It is officially summer. For some this means vacation, relaxing by the pool or spending time with friends and family. However, summer can also mean rain, humidity and hot temperatures. That is the perfect recipe for mold; anytime you have more than 60% humidity inside or outside, there is a significant opportunity for mold to grow.

The growth of mold on interior products and materials, as well as on the building structure may pose serious health issues for building occupants, including triggering asthma and allergies. Also, widespread mold growth potentially compromises not only the structure itself, but also the value of the structure, creating financial risks for building owners. Selecting moisture resistant products that retard the harmful growth of mold is a critical design and construction strategy to manage these risks. GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) wants to make sure you understand the importance of selecting and specifying microbial resistant products, and the processes you can use to protect your buildings from mold.

In 2004, GEI initiated a pilot program to evaluate the potential of measuring mold resistant properties of materials used in building construction and manufactured for use in the built environment. Starting with the guidance of ASTM Standard 6329, the pilot study further developed a test method for assessing the resistance of materials to mold growth. The test method was validated for a number of representative product types and found to be reliable and reproducible.

From this pilot study GEI was able to develop testing methods and a rating system for building materials and products included in the GREENGUARD Microbial Resistance Listing Program, including paints and coatings, adhesives and sealants, wallboard, insulation, flooring, ceilings, window components and many other dry and wet materials.

GREENGUARD's Listing for Microbial Resistance provides a resource of products that have been shown to resist the growth of mold when subjected to adverse environmental conditions. Products listed have been voluntarily submitted for testing by manufacturers. GEI lists products for one year upon successful completion of this test. Products must annually re-test to retain their listing. For more information on this study, please see Final Report On The GREENGUARD Pilot Study Of Microbial Resistance (Phases 1 And 2). Click here for a complete list of GREENGUARD Microbial Resistance Listing Program Products.

In addition to the GREENGUARD Microbial Resistance Listing Program, GEI also offers a Mold Prevention Program, which starts before a building is even built. This program will help prevent poor indoor air quality caused by mold contamination. To achieve this goal, GREENGUARD partners with the builder to develop a comprehensive moisture control plan for new construction that protects your property before you move and for years to come.

The Mold Prevention Program is a portion of GREENGUARD for Building Construction Certification. This program includes design, construction, acceptance and occupancy phases. Each phase has steps that are unique to the phase to help proactively address moisture issues. Steps include an initial project overview, moisture management specifications for contractors, Mold and Moisture Management Plan (MMMP) implementation, periodic site visits, moisture mapping and building clearance testing, operations and maintenance training and ongoing moisture management guidance to the property owner/manager. When the program is successfully completed, the building is awarded the GREENGUARD for Building Construction Certification.

While no products are mold proof and it is uncertain that any material will resist mold or mildew indefinitely, information on the microbial resistance of products and programs will help designers, builders, specifiers and consumers make informed decisions.

For more information, you can access the study report on mold resistant products.

GREENGUARD Presents at September Webinar

September 24, 2008
2:00 p.m.
Building Blocks for Healthy Indoor Air
Health, Safety & Welfare Credits: AIA (1LU), IDCEC (0.1 CEU), USGBC

Market Outreach Manager, Paul Bates, will be presenting at an upcoming webinar hosted by Environmental Design + Construction Magazine. The webinar will educate architects, designers and specifiers on creating educational spaces, specifically daycare and K-12 schools, achieve the best indoor air quality for those environments as it is fundamental to protecting the health, safety, and welfare of children. At the end of this one-hour program participants will understand the health risks and sources of indoor air pollution in daycare and K-12 facilities. This is an excellent opportunity to discover strategies for creating educational environments with healthy indoor air quality, and identify resources for improving and maintaining indoor air quality.

Click HERE to Register


GREENGUARD Environmental Institute often serves as a resource for publications and media outlets, providing information on various topics that relate to product emissions and indoor air quality. The following represent recent articles and features.

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Upcoming Events

In the next few months, GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) will participate in several events. For more information, please visit the Events tab listed under 'About GEI.'

IWF (Speaking)
August 20th-23th
Atlanta, GA

September 24th 2008

IFMA (Exhibiting)
October 15th - 17th
Dallas, TX

Greenbuild Expo 2008 (Speaking and Exhibiting)
November 19th - 21st 2008

Boston, MA

For a snapshot of GEI's 2008 events, click on 2008 Calendar under the About GEI/Events tab. We will continue to update this information, and appreciate any feedback from you.

Continuing Education

GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) is proud to be a recognized USGBC Education Provider, and provides numerous Continuing Education Courses related to indoor air quality principles.

Healthy Indoor Air by Design
Credits: AIA (1LU), IDCEC (0.1 CEU), CSI (1-ECH), USGBC

Clearing the Air on IAQ: Making Sense of IAQ Standards and IEQ Requirements
Credits: AIA (1LU), IDCEC (0.1 CEU), CSI (1-ECH)

Building Blocks for Healthy Indoor Air
Credits: AIA (1LU), IDCEC (0.1CEU), USGBC

Design to Prevent the Damaging Effects of Mold
Credits: AIA (1LU), CSI (1-ECH)

GEI is taking their Health, Safety and Human Welfare courses on the road to architecture and design firms, industry meetings, campuses and manufacturer showrooms across the country. If your firm or group is interested in learning more about these courses, please send a request to education@greenguard.org.

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