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    03/09/12:First-Time Expectant Mother Wins Grand Prize in GREENGUARD’s $10,000 Nursery Sweepstakes


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    First-Time Expectant Mother Wins Grand Prize in GREENGUARD’s $10,000 Nursery Sweepstakes

    Soon-to-be-mom wins full suite of her choice of GREENGUARD Children & Schools CertifiedSM nursery products from participating manufacturers

    (Atlanta, Ga.)—The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, a division of UL Environment, is pleased to announce today that Sherrill Moffett, 27, of Pocahontas, Ark., is the lucky grand prize winner of this year’s Big Bundle of Joy $10,000 Nursery Giveaway.

    “I am just so humbled and gracious—I still can’t believe this is happening!” Moffett said. “When we first entered the contest, my husband said, ‘Well, somebody’s got to win.’ But we never, ever thought it would be us! We are so excited and so grateful!”

    Moffett’s name was drawn randomly from a pool of more than 29,700 parents from across the U.S., each of whom entered the sweepstakes hoping to win their choice of low-emitting nursery products from manufacturers like Young America, Sherwin-Williams, Natart, Naturepedic, IdeaPaint, HP Wall Art, Home Legend, Eclipse Shutters, Colgate Mattress, and Bona. Ten second-place winners each won either a Naturepedic mattress or a Sherwin-Williams gift card, and 50 third-place winners each won a Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaning System.

    “I would have been thrilled with a second-place or third-place prize. But, to be the grand prize winner? Wow! We just can’t believe it,” Moffett said. “We look forward to the arrival of our little Madelynn Claire this summer so we can spend time with her in the healthier, low-emitting nursery. We are so grateful to GREENGUARD and its participating manufacturers for making this possible for us and our baby.”

    GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified products are scientifically tested and held to some of the most rigorous chemical emissions standards in the world. This is important because research has shown that children who are regularly exposed to VOCs, or volatile organic compounds—such as those that can be released from common household products and furniture—are up to four times more likely to develop asthma than those who are not exposed. Asthma is the fastest-growing incurable, chronic disease in children, responsible for more than 14 million missed school days each year, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Other health risks associated with exposure to VOCs include upper respiratory irritation, cough, headache, nausea, dizziness, and loss of concentration.

    “Children are particularly susceptible to health risks associated with airborne chemical exposure because their bodies and vital organs aren’t fully developed—they’re still growing—and because children actually inhale a greater amount of air relative to their body size than adults,” says Dr. Marilyn Black, founder of the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute. “That’s why it’s so important to choose products that are low-emitting—to help reduce that exposure risk.”

    Over the next several days, Sherrill and her husband, Eric, 28, will peruse the GREENGUARD Product Guide listings at www.greenguard.org to choose exactly which GREENGUARD Certified low-emitting products they’ll use in baby Madelynn’s nursery. Be sure to follow their adventures of creating a healthier nursery on GREENGUARD’s blog, Certifiably Green, and on GREENGUARD’s Facebook page.

    About the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI)

    The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, part of the UL Global Network, aims to protect human health and enhance quality of life by improving indoor air quality and reducing chemical exposure. As an ISO-IEC Guide 65:1996 accredited, third-party organization, the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute certifies products and materials for low chemical emissions and serves as a resource for choosing healthier products and materials for indoor environments. All certified products must meet stringent chemical emissions standards based on established criteria from key public health agencies. GREENGUARD Certification is broadly recognized and accepted by sustainable building programs and building codes worldwide. For more information and a complete listing of certified products, visit www.greenguard.org.

    About UL Environment

    UL Environment’s mission is to advance global sustainability, environmental health, and safety by supporting the growth and development of environmentally-preferable products, services, and organizations. We help companies achieve their sustainability goals and help consumers find products they can trust. UL Environment offers environmental claim validations, multi-attribute product certifications, environmental product declarations, indoor air quality certification, product emissions testing, organizational sustainability certification, and consulting. For more information, visit www.ul.com/environment.



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