• Manufacturers

GREENGUARD Certification helps manufacturers create more value for their products through established third-party certification, credible sustainability messaging and market outreach optimization.

Green Product and Low Emitting Product Development Certification Programs for Manufacturers

    • GREENGUARD Certified products must meet stringent chemical emissions requirements, such as being screened for more than 10,000 volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

    • Products undergo both annual re-certification and quarterly quality monitoring tests to maintain this credential.

    • The sound science, robust certification requirements, and third-party status that back the GREENGUARD Certification program differentiate certified products in the marketplace.
    • GREENGUARD Certification cuts through the clutter of environmental claims and self-declarations by credibly communicating commitment to healthy buildings, customer well-being and sustainability.

    • Manufacturers whose products achieve GREENGUARD Certification gain the privilege of using the GREENGUARD mark and promoting their products in the UL SPOT Database.

    • As part of the GREENGUARD Certification program, participating manufacturers receive comprehensive marketing support including training, messaging development assistance and educational outreach.
    • GREENGUARD Certified products are recognized, referenced or preferred by more than 400 federal purchasers, retailers, green building rating tools, and building codes around the world.

    • GREENGUARD Certified products can contribute to points in established green building programs, satisfy code or ordinance criteria or meet indoor air quality specific RFP requirements.

    • UL Environment actively promotes the GREENGUARD brand to ensure ongoing market recognition.