• Learn GREENGUARD best practices for Green Building and Mold Free Construction
  • GREENGUARD Building Construction
    Certification Program

  • The GREENGUARD Building Construction CertificationSM Program certifies multifamily, commercial new construction and extensive renovation projects that follow best practice guidelines for preventing moisture intrusion during the design, construction and ongoing operations.  Buildings undergo comprehensive evaluations and incorporate a series of steps for preventing moisture and mold growth.  This program has been accepted as a national standard by the American National Standards Institute entitled ANSI/GREENGUARD Environmental Institute Mold and Moisture Management Standard for New Construction (ANSI/GEI -MMS1001).

    Building Certification Process

    A building project obtains GREENGUARD Building Construction Certification following key implementation and verification stages as shown:


    • Design Construction Acceptance Occupancy

      Assessment & evaluation of building design to identify elements, processes or materials that trigger moisture problems

       ▪ Initial project overview
       ▪ Design and construction
         document review
       ▪ Moisture management
         specifications for

      Regular on-site monitoring and document reviews during construction processes

        ▪ Implement Mold and  
          Moisture Management
          Plan (MMMP)
        ▪ Train construction staff
        ▪ Contractor document
        ▪ Building material

      On-site inspection and operations & maintenance (O&M) planning to ensure moisture and mold prevention

      ▪  Implement O&M Plan
         for moisture/mold
         prevention (OMP)

      ▪ Moisture mapping and
        building clearance tests

       ▪ Final report and
         qualification of building
         for GREENGUARD

      First year, on-site reviews of moisture management processes


      ▪ Train operations and
        maintenance staff

       ▪ Quarterly site visits

       ▪ Ongoing moisture
         management guidance