• Microbial Resistance Listing Program

  • UL Environment lists specific products that have been found to be microbially resistant when tested according to a test method following the guidelines of ASTM D 6329 and analyzed with a quantitative scale. This analytical approach was developed following an extensive method development study. 

    GREENGUARD's Microbial Resistance Listing provides products that have been shown to resist the growth of mold when subjected to adverse environmental conditions. Products listed have been voluntarily submitted for testing by manufacturers. Products listed as “microbial resistant” may or may not have been tested for their chemical / volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. Participation in the GREENGUARD Microbial Resistance Listing does not entitle products to be part of  the GREENGUARD Certification programs. UL Environment lists products for one year upon successful completion of this test, and products must be annually re-tested to retain their Listing.  


    While no products are mold proof, and it is uncertain that any material will resist mold or mildew indefinitely, information on the microbial resistance of new products helps those who purchase building products make informed decisions.

    GREENGUARD Microbial Resistance Listing

    Products found to resist the growth of mold

    Product Type


    Listed Product(s)

    Air Duct Ameriflex Silver Metalized Commercial Core
    Uninsulated High Pressure Air Connector
    Black Standard Core
    Air Duct 
    Thermaflex MKC
    Thermaflex MKE
    Thermaflex KM
    Air Filter
    Freudenberg Filteration Technologies LP
    Viledon Air Filter T60\V-Style Air Filters\V-Bank High Efficiency 98% T60, Pocket Filter
    MV95, Extended Surface Filter\Viledon Air Filter MV95\ Viledon Air Filter Mini 95\Pleated Air Filters, Mini 95
    Ceiling Systems
    Halstead C & W Corporation
    Top Tile Woodgrain Ceiling and Wall Plank
    Low Density Mineral Ceiling Tile, CUMBAE032
    Polyester Ceiling and Wall Tiles
    Wood Wool Ceiling Tile (Raw Color), L
     Polyester Tiles - H
     Flooring  Metroflor Corporation Sample #1 LSO7
    Sample #2 WLD3002

    General Construction Material


    Georgia-Pacific Gypsum, LLC

    1/2" ToughRock Mold-Guard Products
    ⅝" ToughRock Mold-Guard Products
    DensArmor Plus High-Performance Impact Resistant Interior Panel
    DensArmor Plus High-Performance Abuse Resistant Interior Panel
     DensGlass® Shaft Liner
     DensShield Tile Backer
    General Construction Material National Gypsum Company
    eXP Tile Backer
    eXP Interior Extreme 
    Atlas Roofing
    ACFoam-HS Coverboard\ACFoam-III/ACFoam-IV/Rboard/Recover Board/Stucco Shield
    Insulation ATCO Rubber Products Flexible Duct Core - Polyester
    Flexible Duct Core - CPE
    Flexible Duct Core - Polyester/Aluminum
    Flexible Duct Core - Polyester/ Aluminum (ALT)
    Firestone Building Products Isogard HD
    Iso 95+


    K-Flex USA

    K-Flex® LS
    K-Flex Duct™ Liner Gray
    Knauf Insulation XP Duct Liner (Knauf), Sonic XP Duct Liner
    Knauf Eclipse Duct Board With Ecose Technology
    Sonic XP Duct Liner w/1888 Plus Facing 1.5 #1.0in
    Owens Corning Sales, Inc.
    Evolution™ Pipe Insulation
    QuietR® Textile Duct Liner 
    QuietR® Duct Board  
    Pipe Insulation Jacket, "Defender" Sample, WMP ASJ
    Wall Covering Hewlett-Packard Company HP PVC-Free Wall Paper printed with HP Latex Ink
    HP Wall Art
    Window Treatments Eclipse Shutters Interior Shutter Made of Polyresin 3
    Window Treatments Hunter Douglas North America
    Optimascreen / Glacierscreen
    Palm Beach Polystain Shutters with Duralax Finish
    Palm Beach Polystain Shutters
    Window Treatments Shade-O-Matic Polystain Shutters with Duralax Finish
     Window Treatments Kathy Ireland Home by Alta
    Interior Shutter Made of Polyresin 3
    Window Treatments Hunter Douglas EU,SA, AUS
    Luxaflex Interior Shutters