• ANSI Standards in Process

  • GEI's Comprehensive Health-Based Standard for Acceptable Emissions From Building Materials, Finishes, Furnishings and Processes Used In Commercial, Residential, Educational and Healthcare Environments 

    The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute is developing a nationally recognized, voluntary, consensus emissions-based standard. This standard will apply to building materials, finishes, furnishings, furniture, cleaners, and products used in a wide range of commercial, educational, healthcare, and residential indoor environments.

    Currently, numerous green building programs contain credit or code requirements pertaining to the use of low-emitting products. The intent of these credits and codes is to help create healthier indoor environments. Current product emissions standards referenced for low-emitting materials requirements are fractionated among a variety of guidelines, some of which were developed for other environmental needs. These guidelines include standards developed for controlling emissions from outdoor sources and the formation of chemical reaction smog formation. There are considerable inconsistencies among the standards, and there are limited endpoints based on scientific health principles and assessment approaches. This leads to confusion in the marketplace, among both manufacturers and consumers, about acceptability of products from an indoor air quality perspective.

    This proposed standard will consolidate and improve upon existing standards using the strengths of available scientific principles for testing and assessments of health effects. The standard will be developed under the official ANSI standard development process with consensus development and review.


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